Film Festival 2014

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Atlanta Film Festival 2014

Atlanta, Georgia
Friday, March 28 - Sunday, April 6, 2014

Atlanta Film Festival

Atlanta Film Festival (ATLFF) is an Academy Award qualifying, international film festival held in Atlanta, Georgia. Started in 1976 and occurring every Spring, the festival shows a diverse range of independent films, including genre films such as horror and sci-fi. Since 2008, the festival has presented the Pink Peach, which is awarded to the best LGBTQ film as chosen by the Pink Peach jury. The Accountant won the Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film in 2002 after qualifying at the 2001 Atlanta Film Festival.

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3 Things To Know for 2014

The historic Plaza Theatre in Atlanta's Poncey-Highland area and 7 Stages Theatre in Little 5 Points will again serve as the festival's primary venues. Atlanta has a strong and growing puppetry community, and for 2014, Puppetry was added as its own category. Love kick-ass bands? Love experimental film and great music videos? Love food trucks? Atlanta Film Festival's Sound & Vision Presented by The Goat Farm will return for a third edition. You can see a video from that night produced by indieATL below.